Saturday, 28 May 2011


Do you know that eating 40gm of dark chocolate everday can reduce your stress level?  Emm...that is quite an interesting facts...Hehehe..that means starting from today i can eat chocolate everyday la..Hehehe..but bear in mind.."dark chocolate" only yea..not "milk chocolate"..
Well..I'm quite stress yesterday with my work..Actually nak pi yoga class to release the stress but terlepas pulak dah..So, today i decided to make chocolate so that i can eat it and stresssssss..Please follow the below steps:-
Step 1 - Corakkan acuan dia dulu dgn white chocolate..Masuk dlm fridge bagi dia keras..
Step 2 - Lepas tu masukkan milk chocolate compound separuh dan bubuh filing dia..(Aku bubuh dulce de leche yg aku buat dulu utk filing dia) Lepas tu masukkan milk choc tadi sampai penuh. Dah siap. Senang kan...
Step 3 - Finishing product
Step 4 - Yum..yum..yum..Sedapnyer..Waaaaa..Tak tidur malamlah budak nie nampak gayanya..

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